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Advice Delivery

We sometimes deliver formal advice in the form of a memorandum. More often than not, though, we provide advice in the form of a consultant-style, landscape-format deck. Several notes about the approach:

  • These pieces often follow a one-topic-per-page format. Pages may touch separately on process, assumptions, facts, doctrinal areas, recommendations, and suggestions for next steps.
  • From a client point of view, the format is easy to follow.
  • From a preparation point of view, the format forces a methodical approach and logical organization.
  • The deck format enables us to use diagrams, timelines, and other visual presentations where appropriate. We believe visual thinking and expression is wildly effective (and wildly-underappreciated) in legal practice, and we try to use visuals whenever we can.

Here are examples of typical advice delivery formats:

We often prepare simple worksheets for use by clients in considering collaborations, mergers, new programs, and other major initiatives. Here’s a page from such a worksheet:

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